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Roof Lanterns & Flat Skylights

Discover the in-demand roof lantern and flat skylight systems redefining style and functionality in the home.

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Hero

Do you want FREE GLASS and DELIVERY before Christmas?

For the first 50 Roof Lanterns ordered in November, we’re offering FREE glass and FREE delivery, guaranteed before Christmas!

Why Mazuli?

A better roof lantern system

In high demand by customers across the UK, roof lanterns transform the home with a visually striking and illuminating architectural centrepiece. 

This easy to install product offers homeowners numerous benefits like: 

   Enhanced light distribution creating the illusion of larger rooms.
   Energy conservation by minimizing the reliance on artificial lighting.
   Improved thermal efficiency (warmer rooms). 
   Enhanced interior and exterior décor.

In a world where the discerning customer is looking for that point of difference, roof lanterns merge functionality and style, to create a winning contemporary aesthetic for the home.


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Lead times

Mazuli’s in-house fleet of delivery vehicles mean you receive your product on time every time.

Bring colour to a beige world!
Stratus Roof Lanterns are now available in bespoke RAL colours. You can choose any option for any colour combination on internal and external faces to either match or contrast your interior design.

Glazed - Standard Colours
10 Working days

RAL Colours
2 Weeks

Style and substance

Experience the pinnacle of contemporary design with our innovative tailored styles.

A premium, high-performance choice for modern living. Crafted in bespoke designs, you can opt for the Contemporary, 2 Way, or 3 Way styles, with impressive sizes up to 3m x 6m.

This unique approach supports the ridge exclusively through the hip rafters, resulting in a sleek and modern appearance.

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Style and substance

4 Versatile styles

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design
Max 1500mm x 3000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns 2 Way Design

2 Way Design
Max 1500mm x 6000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns 3 Way Design

3 Way Design
Max 3000mm x 6000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Square Roof Lanterns

Square Roof Lanterns
Max 2000mm x 2000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Innovative fully thermally broken roof lantern

Innovative fully thermally broken roof lantern


The lantern's design includes an ultra-low conductive element between the inner and outer aluminium skin, minimizing heat transfer and reducing heating costs.

Stay warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer thanks to its thermal break technology.

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Pitch

More thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems.

Mazuli Roof Lanterns 65%

2 Way Design
Max 1500mm x 6000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns 3 Way Design

3 Way Design
Max 3000mm x 6000mm

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Square roof lanterns

Square roof lanterns
Max 2000mm x 2000mm

Partnering with the best!

Mazuli Roof Lanterns Stratus logo

With over 25,000 roof systems supplied by a skilled team, Stratus are the go-to name when it comes to roof lanterns in the UK.

British building at its best

Experience exceptional design in every aspect of the Thermal Lantern Roof.

The low-profile 20˚ pitch and specially crafted cappings enhance your sky view.

The discreet black perimeter beam ensures a glass-focused appearance from above. Immerse yourself in the finest British engineering.

Introducing Flat Skylights


   Edge to Edge glass for a contemporary look.
   Fineline plasterboard trim for a neat internal finish.
   Slim aluminium surround blends seamlessly with glass.
   Fully insulated frame with Warm Frame technology.
   Click-fit clips for quick fitting first time, every time.
   Noise reducing glass reduces noise by up to 34dB.
   Double seal gaskets with high compression, so seal won’t degrade over time.

   7016 Grey 30% Gloss
   9016 White 80% Gloss
   9003 Black 60% Gloss

Want to discuss details?
Call us for an instant quote today on 0800 9557 557

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